Monday, February 20, 2006


Meme Splicing

"Wait a minute, Juanita. Make up your mind. This Snow Crash thing -- is it a virus, a drug or a religion?"
Juanita shrugs. "What's the difference?"
-- Neal Stephenson, Snow Crash

Meme splicing: If we take the definition that memes encompass DNA, software programs, and ideas; then this just sums up not just what I do for a living but artists, writers, and teachers as well. Also politicians, pigeon breeders, and cooks (think: recipe as program, transforming them into food is the compilation, eating them as program execution ;) )...

A doctor friend of mind once mentioned that except for trauma, almost all the things that kill us are genetic in origin (from diseases like diabetes to virus borne stuff like Ebola). Medicine, by extending our lifespan, influences which genes (read: memes) continue to be replicated from generation to generation...


Blogging Notes & A Little Bit of History

Personal blog writing sure feels different from maintaining a news blog. It's like the difference between a reporter filing a report and a pundit writing a column -- its not just the content, but it's the content plus the author that's in focus.

I've always been interested in blogging and other kinds of social networking software -- I wrote an open source news blog application called Squishdot a long long time ago, back when the RSS format was still in the sub-1.0 version.

It was one of the many Slashdot clones produced around that time. It's been maintained for several years now by Chris Withers, and the code base is probably showing its age :(.

There was a time when both Gnome and KDE used Squishdot for their respective community news sites. Gnome has moved on to other stuff, while KDE continues to use it.

Saturday, February 18, 2006


Biting the bullet

Okay. So.

I finally bit the bullet.

I started blogging.


Now what?

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