Monday, February 20, 2006


Blogging Notes & A Little Bit of History

Personal blog writing sure feels different from maintaining a news blog. It's like the difference between a reporter filing a report and a pundit writing a column -- its not just the content, but it's the content plus the author that's in focus.

I've always been interested in blogging and other kinds of social networking software -- I wrote an open source news blog application called Squishdot a long long time ago, back when the RSS format was still in the sub-1.0 version.

It was one of the many Slashdot clones produced around that time. It's been maintained for several years now by Chris Withers, and the code base is probably showing its age :(.

There was a time when both Gnome and KDE used Squishdot for their respective community news sites. Gnome has moved on to other stuff, while KDE continues to use it.

Dude, you were the one responsible for Squishdot? O_o;
Ack. I didn't know. Was on the list of stuff I was going to ask Jijo to evaluate... Oh well, but if you think it is already showing its age... Why not re-write the thing? :P I'd love to test it for you :D

(Currently, where I work we have PHP Cake + Pmwiki being integrated by one of the developers. I am not sure how it will turn out and I have been so excited in testing it and giving suggestions as social software especially for managing content, etc. is something I am interested in.)
Yep. I was. Its on my list of stuff to do. Except I'm pretty bad about doing any on that list :^( (see how updated my blog is? It's that bad :D)
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